Images of Northern California

I’ve posted about Northern California many times before. It has been my home for the past ten years, and I absolutely love it. I haven’t gone to Southern California since moving here because there is just so much to do in the northern half of the state. In fact, I’ve barely scratched the surface. My numerous trips to places such as Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, the Bay Area, Point Reyes, Bodega Bay, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, the Gold Country, and Yosemite National Park have given me just a taste of the beauty and diversity that you can see in these images of Northern California:

sonoma county

Sun breaking through storm clouds in the hills of northern Sonoma County near Cloverdale

Sierra Nevadas

The landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains in the summer


The coolest fountain I’ve ever seen, across from the Ferry Building in San Francisco

botanical garden

Tranquility at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

Napa vineyards

Vineyards in the hills of Napa Valley

Sonoma coast

The rugged coastline of Northern California, Bodega Bay

california hills

I love the hills of Northern California. This is south of Lodi in the central valley.

Napa Valley fall

Yes, we have fall colors in Northern California: Napa Valley vineyards turn a range of colors.

Napa food

The food in Northern California is excellent…farm to table, fresh, local, innovative

California road trip

Following my mom’s Airstream past vineyards near Healdsburg in Sonoma County

Ferry Building

Food awesomeness lives in San Francisco’s Ferry Building


Far away from civilization at this tiny lodge in the hills of northern Sonoma County

wine grapes

It’s fun to watch the vineyards and grapes change through the year. This is what they look like in the summer.

farmers market

Summer fruit at the farmers’ market in Sacramento

oak trees

The curves of California’s oak trees always intrigue me

point reyes

The coastline of Point Reyes, a peninsula north of San Francisco

Tahoe snow

Just after the first snow of the year, near Lake Tahoe

Have you been to Northern California? What would you like to do here?


  • It always surprises me how much Northern California resembles Tuscany. Such a beautiful part of the country and a great place to call home 🙂
    Annette | Bucket List Journey recently posted..A Warning at the Nakalele Blowhole in MauiMy Profile

  • I have never appreciated my native home of Northern California as much as I do now – and after much wandering, searching and traveling. We are very lucky. I love so much about california – not only the landscape your beautiful photos demonstrate, but the people, our attitude, etc. It can be a high price to live here, but well worth it to me. Thanks for reminding me through this post!
    bringingtravelhome recently posted..hobson-jobsonMy Profile

    • Jenna says:

      I agree, it’s not just the beautiful landscapes, it’s also the attitude, vibe, diversity, and more.

  • I did a road trip from Phoenix, up the coastal highway (CA 1) from Malibu all the way up to San Francisco.. but that was as far north as I made it (an amazing drive btw!). One day I hope to get up through the rest and into Oregon and Washington.
    Escaping Abroad recently posted..Photo of the Week – White Sands National MonumentMy Profile

    • Jenna says:

      I’m sure you will love the drive north of San Francisco–it is wilder, more rugged than the southern half.

  • Oh my goodness… SF & Northern California is one of my favorite corners of the world. I might be slightly obsessed!! Gorgeous pictures. I need to go back/move there…
    Pola (@jettingaround) recently posted..Photo of the Week: Barcelona viewed from Park GüellMy Profile

  • California is just amazing. Northern California is just amazing. Even the off the beaten path places are amazing.
    Clark Vandeventer recently posted..Returning from our Central America Blogging Sabbatical with perspectiveMy Profile

    • Jenna says:

      I completely agree. There is so much here that I have yet to discover. I am fortunate to call NorCal my home.

  • E says:

    None of this was very Northern California. Check out the stuff past Sac and THEN you can say you have been to Northern California.

    • Jenna says:

      None of these images represent Northern California? Hmm. I’m not sure what I would call Sac, Healdsburg, Tahoe if not Northern California. Northern California is a huge region that includes the Bay Area, Sac, etc. plus everything north of there. It is true that there is much more to NorCal than what these images capture, but they still show a lot about what Northern California looks like to me, and I live here.

  • Earl says:

    I don’t know if you consider Monterey to be Northern California but I spent a year and a half stationed there and now my life goal is to make my way back there and life there forever.

    • Jenna says:

      According to what I found online, Northern California is the whole northern half of CA, which includes Monterey, so technically it is part of it (but barely). I LOVE the Monterey area as well and would love to live there, too.

  • Katie says:

    Gorgeous photos! I live in southern California and am hoping to make a trip up to Yosemite for the first time in the Spring.

    • Jenna says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yosemite in the spring is awesome. I’ve been just once but the waterfalls are gorgeous at that time of year.

  • Stephen says:

    Great photos! I love northern California, but have only been there twice. Love the way you captured the vineyards. And Point Reyes is so beautiful.
    Stephen recently posted..2012—How I traveledMy Profile

    • Jenna says:

      Thanks, Stephen, and glad to hear that you love Northern California! You will have to come back someday and explore more of it.

  • Michi says:

    Absolutely no doubt about it, if I move back to California, I will definitely live in the Northern half!! (In fact that was my plan as soon as I graduated from college; life took me thousands of miles east instead!). I LOVE San Francisco, and Napa Valley, and Yosemite, and Tahoe, and all the people that I know there.
    Michi recently posted..Snowy days, burning cars, and a bit of history on Northern Ireland.My Profile

    • Jenna says:

      NorCal is great! 🙂 I sometimes wonder if I would prefer the warmer weather of Southern Calif. in the winter, but I like the seasons up here. And there’s SO MUCH to do!!

  • Cherryl says:


    Hi… I, too, am a native Northern Californian. Born in the Bay area. My folks moved to the North Eastern part of the state when I was 3. A little town called Alturas in Modoc County.

    I like what you’ve shown on this page. You’re right! The northern part of the state is HUGE!

    It takes lots of time to take it all in.

    I’m not able to get out much right now to take pictures… but I hope that’ll be changing soon.

    My own website is about fun places to go… sights to see… and things to do in Northern California.

    Even though I was born here… I’m discovering many new places and things myself.

    I’m glad I’ve found your sight.

    Thank you.

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