A Walk on Asilomar State Beach, California

I’m starting 2013 with 4 days in Pacific Grove, a small town in one of California’s most beautiful locations, the Monterey Peninsula. I’ve been here three times before, but I never get tired of it. The California coast in general, and this peninsula in particular, have become a refuge from my normal life in Sacramento.

More to come about this special piece of land, but for now, enjoy some images of my first morning walk at Asilomar State Beach.

Asilomar State Beach

I walked a few blocks from the house we are renting down Sunset Drive. Cypress trees like these line most roads and are one of the most typical images of this area.


I don’t golf, but if I did, I would want to play here. What a view!

golf course pacific grove


The thing about beaches along much of California’s coast is that they can be cold and windy. This beautiful stretch of the peninsula is no exception, especially with the changeable weather.

asilomar beach

The light changes quickly here as clouds come in from the ocean.

asilomar beach

Surfers brave these cold waters. Yikes.

pacific grove surfers

Dogs are welcome on most beaches. Mine had a blast running through the sand and up and down the small dunes.

dog on beach

pacific grove beach

walking trail pacific grove

I wish I could take a walk like this every morning. What are your favorite walks in nature? Have you been to the Monterey Peninsula?


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