Date Day on The Napa Wine Train

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

I love trains. I used to live in Central Europe, where taking the train was a normal part of life. When we wanted to go to the next city to shop or have tea with friends, we took the train. Prague for the weekend? Hop on the train. But here in the U.S., train travel is not such a part of our culture anymore.

The Napa Valley Wine Train in Napa Valley, California, keeps old style train travel alive. A leisurely ride in a restored luxury train sounded like the perfect daytime getaway for me and my husband, and we were fortunate to take a lunch ride last month and experience it for ourselves.

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

The Wine Train uses the old train tracks that were laid running north and south through Napa Valley in 1864, well before there was neighboring Highway 29. I love that the old train tracks are still being used, but what’s especially appealing to me is the train itself. Perfectly restored original Pullman train cars make up the Wine Train. Some of them are 100 years old!

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

The three-hour ride begins next to the amazing Oxbow Public Market in the Oxbow District of the city of Napa and travels north to the town of St. Helena. Here the train takes a break while the locomotive is disconnected and then switched to the opposite end for the return trip down the valley.

The train trip is a luxurious experience that encouraged us to slow down and appreciate the views, both of the antique train cars inside and the wine country outside.

This being the wine train, every train ride begins with wine. Ours was a dry sparkling wine, Mumm Brut Prestige from Mumm Napa.

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

Several lunch and dinner train ride packages are available, from the quintessential lunch Gourmet Express Package in the lounge and dining cars, lunch the open air Silverado Car from May to October, and the fine dining experience in the Vista Dome Car. All packages allow passengers to experience the other train cars, including the Kitchen Car where meals are prepared, the lounge cars, deli car, grappa power car, as well as the Wine Tasting Car where visitors can enjoy a customized wine tasting flight for $10.

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

We took the new the Vista Dome Car “premier train.” Starting in January, the Wine Train performs maintenance on its cars and therefore has begun offering a limited number of weekday Vista Dome Car excursions. The train feels more private because the number of guests is smaller than usual. The dome car is connected to antique lounge cars, a grappa power car, and a deli car. We especially enjoyed walking through the cars and finding old details, like the original yin-yang symbol in the red stained glass of Pullman cars:

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

All lunch rides include a four-course meal–appetizer, salad or soup, a main course, and dessert, as well as coffee and a welcome glass of wine. The food, which is all prepared on board in special train car kitchens, uses seasonal ingredients. I especially like the chef’s use of local micro-greens, as seen on my risotto (which is topped with a roasted gypsy pepper stuffed with sweet potato puree–yum!).

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

Our meals included plenty of delicious seafood–smoked salmon crepes as an appetizer with various kinds of caviar, lobster bisque, and grilled salmon as a main course option–but there was a nice variety of choices for each course, and vegetarian options are available. The espresso creme brulee was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while!

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

Besides the antique train cars and the views, I cherished the time to just sit and relax. As parents of two little boys, my husband and I rarely get the opportunity to just sit, have adult conversation, tune out our kids’ needs for a while, and enjoy each other’s company. The three-hour train ride gave us the opportunity to do just that.

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

Winter is actually a great time to visit Napa Valley. It’s much less crowded, and in mid-January or February, there can be warm days like the one we had. Even though the grape vines are not as pretty without their leaves, the yellow mustard blossoms that cover most vineyards and the green, green hills that are here only after winter rains are quite a sight.

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

We ended the ride in one of the lounge cars with coffee, just watching the valley go by outside and savoring the quiet moments. (Obviously, I need to get more used to taking photos of us–I came home without even one photo on my camera of us enjoying our date!)

A Lunch Ride on the Napa Wine Train |This Is My Happiness

Have you gone on a luxury train ride? Would you like to ride the Napa Wine Train?

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Disclosure: We were guests of the Napa Wine Train, but my love of the Wine Train is my own! In fact, we saw what happens when things don’t quite go as planned on the Wine Train–the old train engine encountered some difficulty during our ride–and were impressed that the staff handled it with grace and refunded the train ride portion of the ticket for all the passengers.



  • Renuka says:

    Beautiful! I also love train journeys. Although, Indian trains are not so pleasant! Napa wine region looks so surreal. I am sure it’s a lovely experience.

  • It sounds like a great trip. I always thought it might be a little too touristy and underwhelming but you’ve changed my mind. We’ll have to see if we can get ourselves up there (before the crowds starting rolling in).

    • Jenna says:

      I have a friend who did it, and she mentioned that some people who like to go, go, go might get antsy. I hadn’t thought of that because I love to just sit and do nothing. You can add winery tours to the train ride, which might be a better option for people who want a little something extra.

  • That sincerely looks like my idea of heaven.

  • Cindy says:

    What a wonderful date for you and your husband! Having just returned from the Napa Valley, I can attest to its peaceful beauty, and enjoying it from the Wine Train would be perfection. Loved your pics and reflections.

    During our recent trip, we stopped for lunch in St. Helena and when the Wine Train rolled through, we thought of you.

  • Ashley says:

    Beautiful photos!

  • Tricia says:

    Jenna, the Wine Train is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and your experience provides even more incentive. Like you, we love the ease of train travel that Europe offers. It’s nice to see that one can capture that ambience while in Napa. 🙂

    • Jenna says:

      I think you would enjoy it! It’s a very leisurely trip, nice for just relaxing, enjoying the food & views.

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