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I’m off for some hiking with 31 eight-year-olds on my older son’s last second grade nature field trip. But speaking of kids, today I’m feeling riled up about being a woman. Here’s why: (links for your weekend are at the bottom)

I’m just SO TIRED of women bashing other women on Facebook (and elsewhere) about having kids, not having kids, not respecting the others’ choices, not knowing how the other one feels, etc. Here’s one line from a woman that really got me today: “There’s an incredible dose of self righteousness that comes with ruining your vagina.” And when a man nicely responded that he didn’t really think that was a fair assessment, two other women piped up in agreement with the vagina being ruined for mothers. Really? I mean, really?? And the part about self-righteousness…that’s just an unfair and silly generalization.

Even if it were true (and it isn’t), why would women tease other women like that? If women around the world have to put up with so much because of their gender, why can’t we empower all women? I don’t hear men talk to each other like this. If women sacrifice so much in pregnancy and beyond (because, let’s face it, they are still the main caretakers of children), why can’t we advocate for women even if we don’t want children ourselves? And if some women who have children are making those who don’t have children feel bad, that needs to stop.

I have lots of friends who chose not to have children and are happy with their decision. I chose to have kids, and I’m happy that I did. Different people, different choices. That’s all. End of story.

Have you seen this cartoon? I hate it…immediately, I felt sorry for the poor woman on the right, but the portrayal of the mom and her children on the left is just plain ridiculous and insulting. Of course, the “forget traveling the world or pursuing your dreams” part really irks me. More on this in a future post because you know what? My husband and I have done a lot since our kids were born, and I’d like to share more about our story.

Cartoon from The Onion

So, on that note, what are you up to this weekend? I’ll be spending time with my kids taking care of things at home to prepare for next weekend, when I will be away from my kids for four days.

Here are my favorite links this week for your weekend reading. 🙂

One of my favorite travel blogs (and inspiring couples!) has a new photo post about Albania‘s coast, and it’s beautiful!

I’m crazy about avocado on toast and sometimes will have just a small piece of toasted baguette with cheese and smashed avocado with lemon and salt. But this grilled corn avocado toast might be the best variation of avocado toast I’ve seen.

A gorgeous house makeover.

Yes yes yes to “slow parenting.” And on a related note, I’m reading this book, and it’s changing my parenting style.

Good tips for driving the California coast from We 3 Travel.

And tips for a road trip with kids from Hither & Thither (I love the magnet idea!).

Anybody else wanting to start or rekindle a meditation practice? This article about the biological benefits of meditation quickly persuaded me to fit this practice back into my life.

A series of articles meant to inspire “for a better you, a better community and a better world.”

Hilarious words from The Everywhereist about crap she sees in women’s magazines.

Fast and fresh summer drinks from

I’m a huge advocate of not giving kids academic work too young. Fortunately, research supports this, too, as we see in “Let the Kids Learn through Play” from the New York Times.

And a beautiful video of my favorite city, just because…


Photo credits: The first photo is from The One Project on Flickr. The cartoon is from The Onion.


  • Yvonne says:

    Great post! I agree, even with differences of opinion, women should still be able to find enough common ground to be encouraging and supportive. I’m going to a gathering of not-quite-like-me families today, and I plan to remember this article and apply it. thanks!

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