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poppies Grapevine

The photo above is of wild California poppies on the hills outside L.A.–I took it from the backseat as we passed orange, yellow, and purple wildflowers on the long drive back to Sacramento yesterday.

I flew down there in the morning to see a terminally ill friend and made the 6.5-hour drive back with my mom and a dear friend. I’ll leave it at this: we never know what the future holds, so there’s no time like the present to nurture our relationships, both the on-going ones and the ones we may have neglected for a while. I hope you have a happy weekend. Here are some links for your weekend reading:

I finally finished this epic story based in colonial Africa and am now reading this book by my favorite author. Any book recommendations?

Three days in Rome

How to start running (Are you a runner? I wish I were; I run but not consistently or very far.)

Saving this for the upcoming berry season: blackberry mascarpone cake

What it’s like to attend a 10-day silent meditation retreat (would you do it?)

Made me laugh out loud: weirdo pets

A week’s menu for a healthy eating cleanse

Reminded me of early days as a mom: honest portraits of working mothers

Best places to see California wildflowers (gorgeous!)

Is Europe safe for travelers?

Thinking about going to Cuba? Read this first.

9 reasons people don’t travel with kids (and how to overcome them)

How to make ice cream in a bag


  • thanks for the link love, jenna! <3 do you remember the name of the area you were in when you took the photo? i've been seeing so many california blooms on our road trip! I'm going to miss it for sure.

    • Jenna says:

      As far as I know, this is from Grapevine. We were on the highway (405?) when I saw these hills. Many of them were much more covered than this, but it was hard to get a photo because of the strong sunlight and glare.

  • I haven’t been to the see the poppies since my daughter was a baby (I got a picture of each of my kids sitting in the poppies when they were babies) and she’s now 18! They are just so gorgeous to see up close in the Lancaster area (Poppy Preserve.)

    Btw, the freeway would have been the 5, not the 405. Don’t ask me why we put “the” in front of all of our freeways, but we do! 😉

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