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What a week! Let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to a quiet, restful weekend. The semester starts on Tuesday, and I can’t wait to meet my new students (and see lots of familiar faces, too). And I can’t wait to share my trip to Brazil with you soon. What are you up to this weekend? And what do you do to feel better after a hard week? Here are my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy!

52 places to go in 2017: the New York Times’ annual travel list never disappoints

10 ways to add a Scandinavian look to your interior

The 10 most popular recipes of 2016 (on one of my favorite cooking websites)

One week of outfits — so cute!

15 TV shows that NYT critics think we should watch (I’m curious what you like to watch. I don’t watch much TV but LOVE a good series!)

Why Dutch kids are the happiest in the world 🙂

Really good tips to save money on travel in 2017 (on NYT)

Michelle Obama’s fashion legacy

A cute mindfulness game for kids — perfect for a rainy day!

12 products that benefit Planned Parenthood

I’m reading this book and it’s fun (kind of a guilty pleasure!).

A cute shirt for spring that’s only $15

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  • Natalie says:

    What a stunning flower in that photo! What is it? I love to garden and always notice flowers and trees when we travel. My favorites are edibles. Once, in Spain, we visited the Alhmabra and noticed that the small courtyards had orange trees inside. The smell during their blooming season is something I want to recreate at home!! You never know where inspiration will hit!!

    I’m going to check out some of these posts. Always looking for inspiration and tips on traveling with the kids and making it educational.

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