For Your Weekend

Hello, weekend! What a roller coaster of a week it’s been for me and many others, from the high of the women’s marches on Saturday to the low of watching extreme policies enacted by our new president. As always, working with my students, a mix of young and old from all over the world, brought me great joy. In fact, the most rewarding and fun interactions of my week were with Syrians. I will carry on with the hope that brighter days are ahead.

This weekend is Gabriel’s 6th birthday, and we’re having two days of celebrations, first with some of his friends from school and then with family. And it looks like the worst of winter is finally behind us and sunny, warmer days are coming. Any fun plans for the weekend? As always, I hope you enjoy my round up of favorite links from this week:

Refugee stories from Humans of New York

How to take great travel photos (on NYT)

Favorite 5-ingredient dinners

For fun: short interviews with one of my favorite authors, David Sedaris

I loved this edition of living with kids–family life after marriage, from a gay dad’s perspective

Interesting: how Iceland got its teens off alcohol, drugs and cigarettes

Cute books for little kids

I love this video about being an American

Made me laugh 😀

Absolutely loving the resistance accounts of the national park service, like this one

Images from last week’s women’s marches (on NYT)

I’m almost done with this book (loved it!) and can’t decide what to read next. Recommendations?

Loving the new looks on Everlane including the 100% Human shirts

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