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Photo credit: Antonio Cinotti on Flickr

I’m kicking off the weekend with an image of the Isle of Skye because I just bought our tickets for our family vacation to Scotland. I’m so excited! If you have any tips for traveling in Scotland, especially around Edinburgh and Isle of Skye, I’m all ears!

And in other news, the sun finally came out today here in Northern California. Sometimes it seems like the rain will never end this winter. Of course, the state needs the rain, but now we’re dealing with too much water. This weekend I’m hoping to enjoy the sunshine before yet another round of storms moves in next week, and I’m in the middle of a downsizing project at home. More on that soon. Here’s to a restful weekend.

Except for the first link, my roundup of links this week is a light on the political stuff. Maybe you need a break from it, too. 🙂

“I am so sorry. This is not us.” (Thank you, Spencer!)

Wow, what a lineup for tonight!

Next on my travel list for California (via the New York Times)

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Photo credit: Antonio Cinotti on Flickr


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