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Helloooo summer! It’s getting hot hot hot here in Sacramento — 98 tomorrow, and this is after yet another cold spell forced me to turn the heat on last week! To all the moms out there: I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day. We loaded up on early summer blueberries, cherries and strawberries at the farmer’s market and then had a picnic. This photo makes me smile because of what was really going on…Gabriel had just refused to be in the photo, and then *poof!* he appeared after all, a sort of sweet photo bomb.

Our summer vacation has begun. Even though we still have grading to finish, we’ve started new summer routines like joining a gym, getting the boys in swim lessons, and seeing more of our friends. Yesterday we hosted a wine tasting evening with wines from Murrieta’s Well in Livermore Valley.

This weekend we’re doing yard work, going to a Sacramento Republic game and this street fair, and making plans for some upcoming day trips. Anywhere in Northern California you’ve been curious about? Let me know and I’ll see if we can make it there soon. As always, I’m sharing my favorite links from the past week. See you back next week for stories about California wine and our upcoming travel plans!

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Have you heard about this new cookbook? It’s #1 in vegan/veggie/healthy cookbooks and was written by my favorite food blogger, Kathryn of Cookie & Kate.




  • Uma Solomon says:

    First I love your blog! Second I am completely in love with Northern California. We are visiting this summer wanted to spend two days in Lake Tahoe hoping for the kids to see snow for the first time!! (Floridians here) any suggestions? Any thoughts on Squaw Valley? Also my son(7) is obsessed with creeks and salamanders! Any suggestions for that sorta thing in Sac? Thank you xoxoxo

    • Jenna says:

      Hi Uma! Snow in the summer is tricky but I think Squaw is going to have snow all summer. A friend suggests driving 395 along the Sierra to see snow in the mountains (“one of the most beautiful drives”). Creeks…there are lots of places to explore closer to the coast (where it’s cooler and wetter) like in Marin County and Mendocino and Sonoma. We’ve hiked there with our kids and have found creeks and salamanders, frogs, etc. and the areas are so peaceful. I think the Sacramento area is too hot in the summer. Let me know if you want more specific recommendations!

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