For Your Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Since arriving home from Scotland, we’ve been recovering from jet lag (think kids waking up at 4:00 a.m.), and I’ve been doing some thinking about both the value and challenge of traveling with children. I’d love to hear about your experiences traveling with kids–was it all roses? One good thing about those long plane flights was getting to watch movies, and I finally saw “Moonlight.” Wow. Have you seen it? Have a wonderful weekend, and here are my favorite links for your weekend reading. xo

The 100 most influential images of all time

An easy, fast and yummy dessert for 4th of July

Loved this beauty uniform and her fierce short haircut

I’m late to this book but started it last week and love it so far.

Check out my first article for the awesome family travel site Ciao Bambino

A good, down-to-earth guide to buying wine

How to protect your family from Lyme disease this year

The secret social media lives of teens (ugh!) on the New York Times

Gorgeous: the winners of the BigPicture Natural World Photography competition

5 summer vacation destinations with fewer tourists (via the New York Times)

Would you do it? 6 kids, 1 RV, and an epic U.S. summer road trip

15 life-enhancing podcasts

Yet more inspiration to spend time outdoors in nature

Susan Sontag’s advice to writers

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