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Camping Nevada City

Hmm, what a week. My son turned 10 today, and it was a beautiful day, but I have to admit that it’s been hard to enjoy the last few days with all this craziness going on. After reading a few too many news stories the other night, I couldn’t sleep and promised myself I’d lay off the news for a while. But I’m still finding myself checking the newspapers for glimmers of hope (and being disappointed not to find any). Am I the only one trying to figure out where we could move where we might actually feel safe?

The good news is that the joy of children not only can help us tap into what it means to live authentically, but also can bring us together. I’ve definitely seen a lot of that lately, and it’s a beautiful thing. This week’s round up of links begins with a couple that address the elephant in the room before turning to more positive themes. But first I thought I’d share a few photos from our recent visit to Nevada City. That simple family camping trip was one of the highlights of my summer.

Inntown Campground

Nevada City saloon

Nevada City hotel

Wishing you a peaceful weekend. And now those links…

A summary & guide of what’s going on with North Korea (via the New York Times)

Experts give their perspectives on the potential for war

Some solid tips! How to turn negative thoughts into positive ones (via the New York Times)

How to help a new mom

Overnight chocolate chia pudding (I make this pretty often and love it as a snack or even breakfast)

Apps that will make your travels smoother (via the New York Times)

On the list for back-to-school snacks: homemade blueberry almond granola bars

Next on my reading list

3 new pieces from IKEA that are high design, low cost

Made me smile

A healthy Thai-inspired quinoa salad

The owls of Napa Valley (love!)

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