Work with Me

I am an influences and professional blogger with 7 years’ experience.

Media Kit available upon request.

With my readership and rankings continuing to grow (currently averaging 55,000+ unique visitors and 80,000+ pageviews per month, and approximately 40,000 followers on social media), I’m open to product reviews, press trips, ambassadorships, advertising, and other types of collaboration. My audience’s interests align with mine: travel in California, Brazil, Europe, and cultural travel topics, especially wine, food, design and art. I am also an advocate for responsible, interesting family travel as the parent of two adventurous boys, ages 9 and 5.

I am a regular contributor to LuxeBeatMagazine and Tahoe Ascent. Other samples of my work can be seen on Tahoe Ascent, Go BrazilG AdventuresNational GeographiciExplore, Room 5, Travel Mindset, and AFAR.

To discuss rates and opportunities, please email me at

Social Media Promotion &/or Management: With close to 40,000 followers on my social media channels, I can promote your brand to a wide-reaching audience interested in travel and lifestyle products. From short-term shares to long-term promotion on powerful platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, many possibilities exist. I’m also able to take on social media management for select clients whose interests align with mine. Contact me at to discuss possibilities.

Social media followers: 40k+

19,600 on Pinterest

10,700 on Twitter

4300 on Google+

3000 on Facebook

3000 on Instagram

Ambassadorships: I’m currently working as an ambassador for Northstar California in North Lake Tahoe and have also been an ambassador for Michelin Green Guides and AFAR travel magazine. I’d love to discuss how I can promote your brand!

Advertising: The following options for advertisements in the sidebar are available:

300×250: $120/month with discounts for a commitment of more than 3 months

300×170: $100/month with discounts for a commitment of more than 3 months

160×600: $90/month with discounts for a commitment of more than 3 months

468×60 banner placed at the bottom of the page: $80/month with discounts for a commitment of more than 3 months

Press trips: I’d be happy to consider press trips of all kinds. I am particularly interested in traveling to explore the unique culture of a place, reflected in its landscape, wine, food, traditions, festivities/community events, cultural monuments, etc. Please see my post from Napa, California to have an idea what kind of coverage I provide after a sponsored trip.

Because I have two children (ages 5 and 9), I’m particularly interested in traveling with them, exploring what a destination has to offer for traveling families, and having valuable cultural experiences that my kids can learn from. However, I save time for “adult” activities, like wine tasting, while traveling with my children.

During the trip, I will post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After returning, depending on the arrangements, I will write blog posts that fit the interests of this site, which will be shared on all my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram). My preference is travel experiences focusing on what families like me enjoy: culture, wine, food, and extraordinary natural settings.

Case study: A familiarization trip to Napa resulted in blog posts (all within two months of the trip) with well over 200,000 views so far, 7 highlights on, and a story for Travel Mindset.

My audience:

50% female (and heavily female on social media)

More than 60% between the ages of 18 and 34

74% from the U.S.

55% make more than $60k/year

55% have a B.A. degree or higher

If you have other ideas for how we can work together, please contact me at