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It’s no secret that I’ve been fascinated by life in Italy since I first stayed in the Oltrarno area of Florence during my study abroad course 20 years ago. In recent years I’ve connected with a bunch of bloggers, photographers, and tour guides who live in Italy and have even become online friends with some of them. It’s a pleasure to see life in Italy going by when I see their photos every day. There are many notable Italy Instagram accounts, and I’ve surely missed some of the best, but these are my favorites.

Browsing Italy

A beautiful Instagram feed of photos from around Italy.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Gillian’s Lists on Instagram

Gillian is a Rome-based app writer who shares photos of life in Rome.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Lost in Florence

One of my favorite websites about Florence, Lost in Florence shares scenes from everyday life in Florence.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Italy Alexandra

Alexandra Lawrence is a tour guide for Context Travel and shares photos of life in Florence and the art and architecture that inspire her work.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Girl in Florence

If you love Florence like I do, you have to follow Georgette, a “Tuscan Texan” who shares photos of the hotspots and everyday life in Florence and beyond.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Not My Nonni

Not My Nonni is an Instagram account of photos of grandpas in Italy. If you’ve been to Italy, you know that Italian old guys are a pretty stylish and interesting bunch.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Art Trav

My friend Alexandra’s Instagram feed has photos of Florence’s art and architecture as well as the Maremma, the Tuscan countryside where she often spends weekends.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Marco Badiani

Photographer and director of Florence’s English-speaking newspaper, The Florentine, shares his beautiful images on Instagram.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Alla Fiorentina

This California girl who settled in Florence has especially beautiful images of Florence.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Anything Tuscan

One of my favorites! Katja shares the view from her olive grove as well as images of the Tuscan countryside where she lives.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Vicolo dei Fuggiti

Molly McIlwrath, a fellow Californian, shares little details of life in Florence and the small town of Pistoia, where she lives.

Walks of Italy

This guided tour company shares images from all over Italy, like this one from Treia, a small town in Le Marche:

Too Much Tuscany

I had the pleasure of working with Valentina when I was in Florence for the Florens 2012 conference. She’s a native Tuscan who shares images from the region–if you’re into Tuscany, this account is for you.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

Elizabeth Minchilli

This author of Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City captures life in Rome, especially through its food.

Best Italy Instagram Accounts | This Is My

What do you think are the best Italy Instagram accounts? Any that I missed?


  • Diana says:

    Ciao Jenna, grazie mille for the kind mention. Very privileged to be listed along with some incredible Italy Instagram accounts

  • Valentina says:

    wow! I’m really honored to be in this list with other great accounts. Thanks a lot Jenna, you made me happy 🙂

  • Hello! Always fun to read what fellow former Florence students experienced. I lived in the Oltrarno 30 years ago and love to check out the blogs and photos of your bloggers. fun stuff!

  • Grazie!!! Honored to be included!!

  • Gina says:

    Following all of the above already! Great list! My ever-growing little account gives a pretty good photo tour of this ever-fascinating place! I’m based in Florence but love to explore and snap pics all around Italia and beyond. Hope you enjoy!

  • The stuff that dreams are made of! Great list, Jenna.

  • georgette says:

    Thank you so much Jenna for including me on your list, I follow most of these ladies and really enjoy seeing Italy through their eyes. I hope you do come back to Florence because I know of us would really like to meet in person and show you some of our favorites places in town. Keep up the wonderful blog!

  • Great Instagram accounts! You missed mine. It’s nice seeing other places in Italy too, not just Florence and Rome.

    Check out my Instagram account and if you like or don’t like it, let me know.

    I’m not being arrogant at all. Please don’t be offended.

    Another account I like is Divina Cucina.


    • Jenna says:

      I will check it out. Thank you!

      Some of these accounts are Italy in general, but yes, the focus is Florence and Rome because those are the two cities I enjoy seeing the most. I’d like to know if there are some good Instagram accounts from Le Marche, Umbria, and other lesser known areas. I’ve actually seen some but couldn’t remember the names.

  • Heather says:

    So lovely! Many of these are some of my favorites too- and a few I didn’t know yet. Thanks Jenna 🙂

  • What a stunning collection of images! They so perfectly capture the essence of all that is Italy. Time for me me to return, pronto! Great post my friend but now I am off to daydream of Bella Italia!! Arrivederci!

  • Sylmacanon says:

    Don’t forget #parisianinrome Laetitia give you a daily tour of Roma.

  • Murissa says:

    I am so fascinated with life in Italy too! I keep up with many in Venice but this is a great list to add!

  • Sharon says:

    Great list. Love finding new Italy-related IG accounts! Had many already but added others!

  • Sharon says:

    I thought of a few more I really like:
    Saverome is an archeologist who shares beautiful pics and fascinating info.
    Beehiveinrome is a family who own an awesome hostel in Rome and live in Orvieto
    Psychodreaming and neumarc both share gorgeous pics of Venice

    Enjoy, Sharon

    • Jenna says:

      Thank you for these! Saverome is another favorite of mine. I knew I would forget some because there are so many that I love. 🙂

  • Andi says:

    I love living vicariously through Instagram feeds and after Paris, I love Italy. Thanks for introducing me to some new accounts I wasn’t aware of!

  • Alberto says:

    Hi Jenna,
    I see you’re definitely into Florence, so you might want to take a look to my @florence.apictureaday instagram. It’s nice to see how many of us explore differently the beauty of Florence, I enjoyed the list!
    Thank you

  • Olivia Bates says:

    Thanks for these, these are gorgeous. I’m going to follow them all now! My photos are just of Calabria but hopefully one day they’ll be as beautiful as these! #thetoeoftheboot

    • Jenna says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I just visited your blog and really enjoyed having a look. It’s a part of Italy that I don’t know at all.

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