Scenes from a “Summer” Trip to Brazil

This winter break we traded the winter storms that raged in California for the hot, sunny days of summer in Brazil. As most of you are well aware of, I have a bicultural family (after marrying my Brazilian husband 16 years ago). We make the trip to visit his family at least once a year, and I’ve come to cherish these stays. It’s usually not the exotic vacation that some imagine when they think of Brazil. But being surrounded all the natural beauty, the color, and of course the loving Brazilian vibe is such fun. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see.

Banana trees are everywhere in Brazil

The lake in front of my sister-in-law’s house is a nice place to walk, especially at night, when we see lots of frogs!



The most typical Brazilian meal, feijoada: black beans stewed with sausage and dried meat, rice, farofa, kale, oranges, and tomato onion salad


Brazilians have the cutest mailboxes!


Bougainvillea and another unusual plant on my walk around the neighborhood


Another bizarre plant I spotted outside my in-laws’ house

Looking for tadpoles (no luck 🙂

Noah and Gabriel playing with my nieces’ hamster. They love the pets, which now include five tortoises, one parrot, two cats, and four hamsters, plus a bunch of chickens.

New Year’s Day: lychee fruit and my brother-in-law’s cod balls (cod, mashed potatoes, onion, herbs, rolled and fried. Yum!)

We spent five days at the beach on the Costa Verde. It was amazing — post about it coming soon!

Rodrigo and his nephew cooling off in a waterfall we came upon near Calhetas Beach

My husband and one of his sisters–there’s so much love in this family 🙂

Do you ever go somewhere warm for the winter?

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