Home in Brazil in Photos

In a way, Brazil is my second home. All of my husband’s family lives there, and we visit them about once a year for a few weeks. I am very fortunate to have in-laws who are loving and generous and who have always welcomed me as part of the family. When we visit, we spend most of our time at my sister-in-law’s house in rural Brazil, in a small city called Bragança Paulista, and I always take lots of photos because all the little things are beautiful to me.

I happened to notice that the theme for #FriFotos this week on Twitter is “homes” and I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to finally use my photos of daily life at a home in Brazil. When I think about “home” in Brazil, these are the images that come to mind:

rooster brazil

toucan Brazil

One of my favorite pastimes there: watching for the toucan couple that come to the yard in the early morning and late afternoon

toucan couple

The toucans at dusk, taken from the kitchen window

kids playing Brazil

My son adores his cousins. They play all day, every day.

Brazil orchid

Brazilian hammock

A cat in the hammock with me = bliss

kids playing Brazil

Flying paper airplanes

Brazilian owls

The owls that live in the ground across the street

Brazil fruit

We usually go in winter, which means lots of citrus from the yard

Brazilian cat

Brazilian cod recipe

Deep-fried balls of cod with mashed potatoes and fresh herbs

toddler in Brazil

The kids have a blast feeding the chickens and turtles and chasing the rooster.

Brazil hammock

Relaxing in the hammock is a weekend pleasure

lake Brazil

Brazil banana tree

Banana tree

The walk around the lake behind the house

The walk around the lake behind the house

papaya tree

One of the papaya trees in the yard

Brazil trees

Brazilian ceramics

Traditional, colorful Brazilan ceramics–this one is an image from the “Bumba Meu Boi” festivals from Northeastern Brazil

Brazil orchids

coconut water

Drinking coconut water after getting the coconuts from the yard


My husband’s favorite Brazilian fruit, jabuticaba

Brazil holy spirit

The holy spirit that protects the house

Brazilian birthday party

My son was so excited to celebrate his birthday in Brazil

daily life Brazil

Looking for tadpoles in the lake behind the house

lunch Brazil

Two kinds of cod with potatoes, peppers, olives, and onions, rice, and freshly roasted cashews for an outdoor Sunday lunch

Brazil graffitti

What do you imagine home in Brazil is like? Of course, there are many, many different types, and this is just one! But I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what home is like for my in-laws. For more posts about Brazil, check out the Brazil category.


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