30 Things to Do in the Monterey Bay Area

The Monterey Bay area is one of my favorite parts of California. It’s a powerful combination of stunning natural beauty, wildlife, a charming small-town atmosphere, beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, and good wine. It’s a region that deserves at least 4 days…anything less and you’ll be making a list of things you’ll need to do next […]

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My Wish List for 2015

I’m a dreamer. It’s true. I’m constantly living with an eye on what is to come. Despite my effort to retrain my thought processes to focus more on just being in the present, my mind drifts to long-held dreams of seeing this and doing that. I just can’t get past restless nature and my wish […]

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Giveaway: Experiences, Not Things

What’s more important: experiences or things? Of course, when you have all the essentials (food, clothing, shelter), it’s easy to say that experiences are more valuable than things. In fact, scientific research has shown the importance of experiences to people’s happiness and well being time and time again. And according to one study, an important component of the […]

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Travel Blogs to Watch in 2015

I hear all the time that travel blogs (or almost any type of blog, really) are a dime a dozen. There are thousands and thousands of travel blogs these days, but if one can look past the sheer quantity, there is so much quality…creative, passionate, talented people reflecting a wonderful diversity of life choices. Here are […]

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5 Days in San Francisco

When I was a kid, I moved a lot (I mean, A LOT, because my dad was in the Navy). The longest that we stayed in one place was 3.5 years in Connecticut. My mom absolutely loved New York City–just an easy train ride away from our home–and so we went there, over and over. We […]

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