For Your Weekend

Summer suddenly arrived this week. The harsh sun and 90+ degree temperatures seem to be taking a toll on everyone around here, including me. A challenging week it was, but I’m trying to compensate with a restful weekend. There are just two weeks left until the end of the semester, so there’s much to look forward […]

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In Yosemite, 5 Hikes with Kids

Talk to any parent of a young child, and they’ll tell you that “hiking” with a 4-year-old is just about impossible. At this age, they’ve outgrown a hiking backpack, but their little legs just can’t take them as far as an adult’s. Add to that the fact that my younger son wants to be carried […]

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For Your Weekend

So, that happened last night…Damien Rice live at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. Marketa Irglova (of the movie “Once”) opened for him and was excellent–beautiful piano melodies and her hauntingly beautiful voice. Damien Rice was so much more than even I expected, a true example of the power of raw talent, vulnerability and wit to […]

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My New Way to Travel

Earth Day is today, and in the spirit of celebrating our planet’s beauty and increasing our awareness of ways we can protect the Earth, I have a new favorite thing to share. First, I digress… I’ve always had an adventurous spirit and a longing to get out and keep exploring and learning. My life goal […]

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For Your Weekend

Happy Friday! I’m off to a park for a half-day trip with my son’s class and taking a family train trip to Berkeley this weekend before playing catch up with work responsibilities. I hope your weekend is lovely. Before I share some weekend reading links with you, I have to tell you that we just […]

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A Family Vacation in Yosemite

My son is seven but often seems more like a teenager these days. Just a few days after returning from our Spring Break trip to Yosemite, something trigged a long complaint about our plans being all about me. “Remember, Mommy, how we had to go to San Francisco? And why?! All because of you.” Which is […]

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For Your Weekend

Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely week and have something nice planned for this weekend. After catching up on work for my teaching job, we’ll go to my mom’s house for a gathering to remember my grandmother, who passed away recently at the age of 92. You’ll hear more about her one of […]

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Botticelli’s Primavera…And so what?

The theme for this month’s ArtSmart Roundtable is “spring,” and I’ll bet you can guess why. I’m using a pretty literal interpretation of this theme by taking you to Florence, Italy, for a close look at “Primavera” (the word for “spring” in Italian is la primavera). If you’ve been to Florence, you’ve likely seen this […]

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Something New for Fridays

This whole blogging business can get a bit messy sometimes. I have 198 posts in my Drafts folder and no time to finish them. I guess that’s expected considering that I have just a few things to tend to every day, like a full-time “day job,” two kids, and a husband…oh, and two dogs. That […]

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My Favorite Red Wines Under $20

How many times have I stood in front of the wine selection at my local grocery store debating what to get? It’s a silly dilemma but one I deal with pretty often because I love wine but hate spending money on a bottle that I end up not liking. Fortunately, my local supermarket, Nugget Markets, makes it […]

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